ioannis-pananakisWHO I AM

First of all I think is very funny to talk for myself in the “third” person, really, but I’m not gonna do it...So, Ioannis Pananakis...
I’m just kidding.

I was born in Thessaloniki, in the north part of Greece and my first involvement in photography was because of my father, who is a photographer (of course...) so from a very young age I was helping him in the studio and in still life photography, learning all the “secrets” of this new world and I was really very lucky not only that I had someone to help me, but also because I grow up in a period that the film, the black chamber and all those magical items was ruling the world of the photographer.

Parallel to the photography sector, I was studding freehand drawing for a couple of years, which is still my hobby and after that it was the time for the Greek University and another 3 years to take my Diploma of Photography. From then I am working mostly as a freelance photographer and cooperate with many magazines, newspapers and companies in Greece but also international.

The last 9 years my base is in the beautiful island of Santorini, working as a Santorini wedding photographer, trying to do my best and capture this special day for you. Most couples visit Santorini island for their honeymoon, vacation or their pre/post wedding photo session, so my goal is to accomplish a result that will make you more than happy and meet your expectation of your dream photography session in Santorini.

My style in photography is more photo journalistic, I like to capture natural images and creative portraits but I am willing to follow your needs and personal style, for a more editorial photoshoot. Generally, I cover all the mainland in Greece, not only Santorini, but I can also travel international upon request. That’s all I believe, now I am going to capture my photo, you know...the one that I’m holding the camera! No, I’m not gonna do that also...

Santorini Photography Sessions